Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2007 Fest and Post-Fest Coverage

THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH has assembled a terrific page of Cornerstone Festival 2007 coverage from during and after the fest. These include feature articles from major media, online reporting, blogs from attendees and speakers, as well as dozens of podcasts. The podcasts range from interviews with musical artists to a series on "Making a Living as a Musician." There's also a comprehensive "Cornerstone 101" overview of the festival and a series of "Tollbooth Talks" on topics including both film and music.

As a part of the "Cornerstone 101" series, you'll find an in-depth podcast on the 2007 seminars, plus the arts and multimedia programming, including the Imaginarium, Flickerings and Burning Brush. Go behind the scenes and learn about how we put together this year's new-and-improved seminar program, cstoneXchange. Hear juicy details about last year's controversial Imaginarium and the philosophy behind Flickerings. Get the inside scoop on Cornerstone's development of a new "ancient-future" worship venue and the soon-to-be-legendary "Talking Stage".

Meanwhile, back at the official Cornerstone Festival site, there's plenty of "live" coverage posted during the 2007 festival, featuring lots of photos and music performance videos as well as the "Live Coverage Blog." Last, but most certainly not least, be sure to check out the post-fest reports at the respective websites of the fest's three main arts-related venues, Flickerings (independent and international cinema) the Imaginarium (pop culture extravaganza, this year with their very own Elvis impersonator), and Burning Brush (visual arts).

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